March 6, 2014#

Best 10 Tips to Become a Punctual person

Tip 1. Be conscious of the time
Always have a clock , phone , computer or anything that displays time available around you so you would be always be aware of the time and set them all to the same time.

Tip 2. Wake up when you’re supposed to
the snooze button was not made to be an an excuse to stay abot longer in bed. And Move your alarm clock OUT OF REACH from your bed. that way you have to get up to turn it off.
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December 23, 2011#

Arabic calligraphy The Missing Art

18th century writing in Ottoman calligraphy. Depicts the phrase 'In the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Gracious'

Arabic calligraphy we consider one of the most precious unspotted art that is elegant by it is own , through this round-up we will show you some amazing examples and applications of the arabic calligraphy in the real world . Continue Reading

May 1, 2011#

Submit your entry now: World Summit Youth Award 2011

For the third year mspired is the arabic content partner for World Summit Youth Award and this year we looking forward exciting contributions from the middle east , here’s the new call for entries

Young People use Internet and Mobiles
for Social Good

Salzburg, 2 May 2011. Do you use social media to do good for your community and for your
own future? Do you use blogs and vlogs to raise critical questions? Do you create websites or
mobile apps that fight discrimination, hunger or diseases? If yes, take your chance to show
that you are at home in digital and social media and know how to bring about positive development,
be it in your neighbourhood or in another country: Submit your new media project to
the World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) and win the chance to meet engaged Youth from
around the world and network with representatives of NGOs, governments and media!
The WSYA is an annual award and a network for young people using the internet, mobile phones or
other digital media to put the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) into action. The
MDGs were set in 2000 by the UN to prompt member states and civil society to fight poverty, hunger
and disease, inequalities, lack of education and environmental degradation.
Starting today, May, 2nd, and until July, 15th, you can submit your product to this international competition
at www.youthaward.org in one of the six WSYA categories:

  1. Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease ! 4. Create your Culture !
  2. Education for All ! 5. Go Green !
  3. Power 2 Women ! 6. Pursue Truth !

Three winners and two runners-up for each category will be selected by an international jury of young
ICT experts. They will evaluate the projects in two rounds of online judging.
Being a WSYA Winner, your project will be elevated to a new level. All winners will be invited to the
WSYA 2011 Winners’ Events in Skopje, Macedonia. This is where they will have the chance to present
their projects on a world stage. Aside from the award ceremony, meetings, discussion rounds and
workshops will provide the space to exchange ideas and make friends with engaged youth from all
Representatives of governments, NGOs, media and other renowned experts in the field of ICT for
Development will take part in these events and be available to the winners. This is a unique chance to
boost your project by getting access to the WSYA network. The Youth Award network offers you the
possibility to develop your project, refine your business plan or even find sponsors.

About the World Summit Youth Award (WSYA)

The WSYA selects and promotes best practice in e-content and new media, demonstrates young people’s
potential to create outstanding digital content and serves as a platform for people from all UN
member states to work together in the efforts to reduce poverty and hunger, and to tackle ill-health,
gender inequality, lack of education, lack of access to clean water and environmental degradation.
The WSYA is organised as a follow up activity of the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) and
its action plan towards the year 2015. The Youth Award is organised by the World Summit Award
Network for the fourth time after 2005, 2009 and 2010.
WSYA is supported by the UN Global Alliance for ICT & Development (UN GAID), the John S. and
James L. Knight Foundation, the Internet Society (ISOC), INTEL, the telfree Group, the Fundação
para as Comunicações Móveis (FCM) and the Layla Fakhro Foundation.

June 12, 2009#

MSPIRED To Manage Projects Through a New Client Area

MSPIRED has launched a new client area , which is awesome project management application which has a lot of great features that give you the ability to be aware of every part of your project , project progress and to connect with the our team while working on your project which gives you the ability to ask for edits easily and comment on the work as we go on the project .

June 12, 2009#

MSPIRED V2 Finally Launched

Friday , 12 june mspired website v2 finally launched , this new version includes alot of new hot stuff , enhanced design , enchaned functionally , new payment gateway and more .